Harvested Rain Solutions can make the most of your collected rainwater with the Hydrawise irrigation controller tied to an efficient subsurface irrigation system (also known as "drip" irrigation) and monitored by a water meter connected to the pump.  

The best part of this configuration is the ability we have to monitor the health of your RWH based irrigation system.  We can typically discover and diagnose a problem when alerted by the controller through email and text messages from the controller.  

We can then alert the homeowner with suggested actions to resolve the issue (such as cleaning the filters) or we can schedule a service call if the system is covered by a maintenance agreement.

It is also a great way to verify that the landscape is getting enough water and to fine-tune the water use for each zone.  The best part is that the system is so efficient that most water restrictions do not apply to these systems!​​

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Harvested Rain Solutions helps home and business owners collect, store, and use rainwater from rooftop runoff for:

      1) irrigation for lawns, gardens, and landscapes 
      2) in-home use for drinking, showering, cooking and cleaning
      3) aquafer restoration or stormwater management
      4) livestock/wildlife watering

We emphasize low maintenance, gravity flow collection (when possible) that's sized to accommodate the typical intense rainfall patterns we see here in Central Texas.

We design storage specifically to maximize capacity without detracting from the rest of your surroundings (landscaping, buildings, views, etc).

Most of our systems have usage automation built in so you don't have to manage turning the water on/off or monitor how long the water runs. This makes the rainwater reserve last longer and can also be used to provide a reserve capacity in situations where rainwater is the only water available.


Roof Reliant Landscaping™

Efficient and flexible irrigation systems

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Harvested Rain Solutions can help with design and construction of a landscape around your home or office that's matched to the precipitation that falls on the roof, parking lot or other hard surfaces.  The water is stored in a cistern and delivered during the dry periods to the landscape to allow the plants to thrive.  In Central Texas we receive 3-4 times as much water as New Mexico does, which opens up some interesting possibilities for larger irrigated areas.  

For commercial properties without much turf and with a "sparse" irrigation scheme (where we only water the ground right around the roots of each plant) we can meet 95% of the irrigation needs of a landscape from year to year.  We typically back up the cistern supply with another source of water, but our system tracks that water usage so we can fine tune the system from year to year to use the least amount of backup water possible.
For more information on Roof-Reliant Landscaping™, click the image to the right.  The data in the charts is specific to the New Mexican climate and flora, but a system in other places will follow the same general principals. (Note that the term Roof-Reliant Landscaping™ belongs to the New Mexico Office of the State Engineer)​​