Central Texas’s Rainwater Harvesting Company

Harvested Rain Solutions is your premier rainwater harvesting company. We help homes and businesses in Central Texas collect, store, and use rainwater from rooftop runoff.

Expert Rainwater Harvesting You Can Rely On

Harvested Rain Solutions is a full service rain collection company that is committed to helping Central Texas residents use the thousands of gallons of rainwater that run off roofs to supply their homes and businesses. Rain water harvesting is a sustainable and practical solution to supplying suburban and rural homes and small businesses with a clean, naturally soft and delicious source of potable water.

Our solutions are low maintenance and use gravity flow collection whenever possible to harvest rainfall for beneficial use. With our collection systems, we can make use of the seasonable and often heavy rainfall patterns we see in Central Texas to fill a large storage cistern and turn it into a year-round source of water.

We use quality products from leaders in their product field – Storage tanks by Pioneer Water tanks, pumps by Goulds and Grundfos, and UV treatment by Viqua. These quality products are carefully installed to provide years of trouble free service, often with only annual service required plus an occasional

Practical and Innovative Central Texas Rainwater Harvesting & Collection Systems

Committed to Making Your Rainwater Collection Project Easy and Efficient

The roof on our homes and businesses can harvest thousands of gallons of potable water each month for use in our day to day lives. We provide complete rainfall collection systems that make capturing, conveying and storing rainwater easy and efficient.

Harvested Rain Solutions was founded in 2008 and our goal is to help you turn water from the sky into a sustainable resource you can use for your home or small business water supply. For Central Texas residents who are interested in water conservation or for those who have a failing or contaminated well or are beyond the reach of municipal water supplies at a reasonable cost, Harvested Rain Solutions is here for you.

If you’re ready to start using rainwater to supply your home or business contact Harvested Rain Solutions today!

Our expert solutions helps you use rainwater for:

  • In Home Use

  • Livestock and Wildlife Water Usage

  • Landscape Irrigation

  • Swimming pool filling

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