Rainwater Management Solutions

Harvested Rain Solutions helps home and business owners collect, store, and use rainwater from rooftop runoff for:

  • irrigation for lawns, gardens, and landscapes
  • in-home use for drinking, showering, cooking and cleaning
  • aquafer restoration or stormwater management
  • livestock/wildlife watering

We emphasize low maintenance, gravity flow collection (when possible) that’s sized to accommodate the typical intense rainfall patterns we see here in Central Texas.

We design storage specifically to maximize capacity without detracting from the rest of your surroundings (landscaping, buildings, views, etc).

Most of our systems have usage automation built in so you don’t have to manage turning the water on/off or monitor how long the water runs. This makes the rainwater reserve last longer and can also be used to provide a reserve capacity in situations where rainwater is the only water available.